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KINMOOT! 6/9 at 7pm (Central)

by Padhric, 46 days ago

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Raid Signup Policy

by Padhric, 91 days ago

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Welcome to the Seekers of the Seven Stars!
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Seekers of the Seven Stars is a rapidly growing Arkenstone-based Lord of the Rings Online kinship. Our mission is to provide our members with an enjoyable and respectful gameplay experience. We offer group play at all levels, from level 20 through endgame, and relish the opportunity to overcome the various challenges the game has to offer. We are a friendly and mature group, comprised of busy adults with actual lives, so we do not classify ourselves as a hardcore raiding or PvMP kin. However, we are very active and have officers assigned and committed to leading recurring events as well as facilitating ad hoc activities on a regular basis, to include raids. For more information, see the About Us page or submit a question using the Apply to Kinship link. Thank you for visiting us!
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