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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:21 pm    Post subject: The Great Kinmoot/Anniversary Weekend Celebration!

That's right! It has already been one year since Seekers of the Seven Stars was formed. Come join us on Saturday, July 15, and Sunday, July 16 starting at 4 p.m. Central time (both days) for fun and frivolity! Agenda follows:

Saturday, July 15 (4 p.m. CST)

  • We will meet at the Michel Delving stable master

  • Show of Force/Parade from Michel Delving to the Forsaken Inn (you simply mount your steed of choice and move at "walk" speed in line with the rest of the kin). Our kin colors are black and gold, but feel free to wear whatever outfit suits you!

  • You are free to hand out goodies along the way to anyone watching! You can craft items or just use the opportunity to hand out any non-bound items that might be clogging up your vaults.

  • We will stop for a fireworks celebration at the Boar Fountain. Bring those fireworks!!!

  • There will be a LOTR trivia contest as well! Anyone in the region who wishes to participate can join the Seekers chat channel (Command: /joinchannel seekers) to play and win prizes!

Sunday, July 16 (4 p.m. CST)

  • Meet at the Kinhouse

  • Welcome and Announcements

  • Introduction of New Members

  • Loot the Kinchest! Those Members with the highest number of Kin Points get first dibs on the prize box!

  • Name That Tune Contest by the Harlequins (thanks to Voxi!)

  • A Game of Hiders-and-Seekers! One of our officers has lost themselves somewhere in Middle-earth... find them first to win the prize!

  • Sparring Contest for those who wish to participate

  • Dismissal

Questions? Send me a mail or drop a line in Discord. Thanks!



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