About Us

"Be not so eager to advance that you fail to experience the moment; in life and in all things."
-- Deluros of Rivendell

Seekers of the Seven Stars is an emerging Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) kinship on the Arkenstone server. We are Arkenstone's largest "Completionist Kin" because we focus on completing the game content on-level whenever possible. Our mission is to provide our members with an enjoyable and respectful gameplay experience. We do not power-level our members and we try to spend as much or more time on lower-level content than we do endgame or PVP, although we do have a strong and growing contingent of end-game players. In order to provide the best experience to our members, we have the following kinship policies:

Always be respectful of others. If you want to discuss divisive issues, please do it in a sequestered manner (e.g., in-game Tells, separate Discord channels, etc.) so that only those who wish to participate are free to do so. Such topics will not be permitted in general kinchat.

Remember your behavior reflects on the kinship. As a member of the Seekers, you agree to represent us and our brand throughout Middle-earth. Allegations or witness of unbecoming behavior will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the manner of the offense.

We do not power-level our members. Our defining characteristic is a desire to complete game content on-level when possible. We create many ways for this to be accomplished, especially through this website's Calendar feature. Our officers do not power-level members, though we will certainly assist members in deeding and completing game content using over-leveled support where appropriate.

We do not respond to beggars. Our officers will gladly craft you gear, but it is expected that you will provide rarer materials to the crafter or request that the kinship assist you in acquiring them. We do not sell items to members within the kinship, except through sanctioned kin-auctions.

Please let us know if you expect to be absent for an extended period. If you make us guess then we will, and the result might not be what you intended.

Be involved! We want to make the kinship an enjoyable place to be, full of fun people in an amazing world. Please let us know how we can improve and remember -- half the battle in making a great kin is showing up! Unlike many kinships, we do not award people full Member status simply for joining us. We have an awards system by which, through participation with the kin, recruits earn Badges of Merit. Once a recruit has earned three Badges of Merit, they are recognized as full Members (to see our Awards page, click here).

Have fun! This is a game, not a job. Want to play Hide-and-Seek? Itching for a skirmish? Got a hankering to whoop everyone's butt in a trivia contest? Let an officer know and let's work together to set something up!

Thanks for your attention and adherence to these kin policies. Together, we will have a great time in-game!



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