Tier 2 Raiding Guide
NOTE: This post was shamelessly stolen from the Arkenstone kinship Shadow and Flame, then edited for spelling and grammar. We thank them for their unwitting generosity.

(As of Update 18)

How can you tell if you are ready to run Tier 2 Challenge Raids? Here are some basic guidelines to help you prepare for the greatest battles LOTRO has to offer.

  • Challenge raiding is extremely hard. If you are impatient, lose your temper easily, need to cast blame when something goes wrong, or have a problem following directions and working as a team then DO NOT SIGN UP FOR CHALLENGE RAIDS.
  • The most important thing is that we are all here to help one another. 11 people can't win a challenge raid. We need all 12 people to work together or we will fail. That said, we will die A LOT!
  • Following each wipe we often take the time to triage what happened. This usually includes discussing what we're doing right and, more importantly, wrong. This is NOT done to call anyone out or because we enjoy criticizing people. Constructive feedback is given so that we can avoid as many wipes as possible. If you are sensitive or do not take constructive criticism well then challenge raiding may not be for you. Please leave the egos at the door and be ready to work as a team.
Raid Readiness
  • Play a lot. Skills dry up if you are not active. Log in and get into runs even when it is not raid night.
  • Always carry top tier scrolls, hope tokens, and food to boost resistance, regeneration and stats.
  • Always carry stacks of Disease/Fear/Poison/Wound Potions, Morale Potions, Power Potions, and other class specific consumables like shield spikes, marbles, focus potions, and fervour potions.
  • Tomes of Defence, Damage, and Morale are highly recommended.
  • Always show up at least 15 minutes early to a raid.
  • If you sometimes miss the fact that you need to take a pot, please ensure you install a plugin to help you. Useful plugins include Buffbars, Palantir II, and Potion Helper.
  • You must have Discord installed, configured, and working. Also, be sure to connect to the designated Raiding channel within Discord.
Legendary Items
  • Use fully imbued first age weapon and class items with legacies that support challenge raiding.
  • Legacies that are decent for solo or PvP play may not be effective for raid groups. Make sure your LIs have the legacies best suited for group content.
  • Ensure that the relics are of the highest quality and fit the role you are filling in the raid.
Skill Points and Character Builds
  • You should have acquired at least 77 of the 82 skill points that are currently obtainable.
  • Be very comfortable with each of your skills in each of your lines. Be an expert with your class!
    This is the most subjective part of being a Challenge Ready Player and there are a number of facets to consider. You need to be able to:
  • Follow directions and communicate effectively.
  • Maintain focus for long periods.
  • Be situationally aware. This can include but not be limited to standing in the correct position, potting debuffs, staying out of puddles, being able to react appropriately when the unexpected happens.
  • Review raid strategies ahead of time.
  • Ensure your skill rotation is at the correct level.
Look for an Edge
  • Never stop improving your character.
  • Pay attention to new releases for changes to gear and skill.
  • Experiment with your builds while not raiding and, with our raids in mind, think about how adjusting trait points can help us overcome challenges.
  • Share your ideas and be open to new ideas from others.

At the discretion of the raid leader these rules may be relaxed or certain requirements overlooked or added for the benefit of the raid.

Below are the stat guidelines you should be working to achieve. Every extra bit of preparation will make the raid easier, smoother, less wipes and more fun!

Important: overcap your mitigations by 7,085 as level 105 T2 mobs have a mitigation penetration of this amount. (7,290 for level 108 T2 mobs.)


Tanks: 50,000
Buffers, De-buffers, and healers: 40,000
Melee DPSers: 25,000-30,000
Tactical DPSers: 20,000-25,000

Please read specific boss instructions in the challenge raiding forums.

Virtues (Cap them)

Raiding virtues can be used to cap mitigations and add resistance. Frequently used virtues are listed below:

  • Tolerance
  • Charity
  • Confidence
  • Fidelity
  • Honour
  • Innocence
  • Idealism

Mitigations (Overcap them)

Light Armour: True (over) cap is 20,213 Physical and Tactical, so aim for 18,722

Medium Armour: True (over) cap is 22,409 Physical and Tactical, so aim for 20,968

Heavy Armour: True (over) cap is 24,579 Physical and Tactical, so aim for 23,138

These values are a warding scroll (i.e. 1,441) under the caps.
Please read specific boss instructions in the challenge raiding forums.

Critical Defence

Tanks: 50-60%
Melee Classes: 45-50%
All others: 40%+

NOTE: Throne of the Dread Terror bosses cannot crit, so non-tanks should not need to gear into critical defence for this raid.

Incoming Healing Rating

Tanks: 20%+

Avoidances (Tanks)


Pick all traits that improve b/p/e percentages
Minimum 17,000; recommended 20,000+

Try to even out your ratings. E.g. 20k/20k/20k will provide more avoidances than 23k/20k/17k because of diminishing returns.


Like the 7,000 mitigation penetration, T2 mobs have 10,000 resistance penetration. This means running with 10,000 resistance is the same as running with 0 resistance.
Therefore it is not worth the huge investment gearing into it: even at 15,000 rating you'd only have 10% resistance in T2 (instead of 26% on T1).


DPSers: 70,000+
Healers: 45,000

Critical Rating (Cap Critical Chance)
  • Pick all traits that improve critical chance %
  • The cap is 17,685
  • Running with a red line captain will buff your critical rating by about 2,400. So try to put two critical rating essences on a swap (jewellery) piece. If you have a red captain in your group, then you could swap your crit rating piece for a piece with different stats, such as extra morale or extra mastery.
NOTE: Tanks don't need capped critical rating.


10,500 (20%)
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em