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    The Adventures of Elladan's Outriders

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    Down, Down to Goblin-town


    Highday, 6th of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    The Tunnels of Goblin-town, Somewhere in the Misty Mountains

    I do not know how much writing I will be able to do this evening -- or morning, or whatever it is just now -- on account of the fact that I can barely see well enough to write anything. The day and date I've recorded at the top of this page are only my best guesses, for I've quite lost track of the hours in this damnable hole. But before I go any further, let me backtrack to when we first entered here. You will recall that, at the end of my last entry, our Company was taking some much-needed rest inside of a small cave high up in the Misty Mountains when there came a terrific noise from somewhere which took us all by surprise.

    There was a screeching and a clattering of arms as a dozen goblins rushed into the cave! No sooner had I shouted the alarm than Nephyn had dropped her bow, drawn the Sword of Ringdor, spun around, and beheaded two of our attackers. Lagodir and Drodie were instantly on their feet with swords flying and Gaelira's staff was a whirlwind. Even I took a hand as I was able with my small hammer. But the press of goblins... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-21 06:59:59

    The Misty Mountains


    Mersday, 5th of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    A campsite, Somewhere in the Misty Mountains

    The day began pleasantly enough. We said our farewells to Bilbo, Elrond, and his household in the dim light of early morning before setting off across the valley to strike the path which led up into the mountains. That morning walk was a joy and a delight: even though it was still winter-time, Rivendell remained temperate and beautiful, as I imagine it might all the year round. Perhaps this is because of its location there in the valley, which must shut out the invading winds. Whatever the cause, I thoroughly enjoyed that stage of our journey.

    We talked cheerily amongst ourselves about our stay in Imladris as well as the road ahead, but there was (at that time!) no concern or worry about what was to come. We laughed about my discomfort at having to wear boots in preparation for the trek through snow and ice, but we also reminisced on our time among the Elves. If someone had offered me the chance to settle down there forever, as Bilbo seemed to have done, I would probably have taken them up on the offer and I got the impression Nephyn felt much the same way.... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-15 04:31:02

    A Welcome Pause -- Part 3

    Hevensday, 4th of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    The Last Homely House, Rivendell

    I have a fascinating tale to give you, Dear Reader, but in doing so I fear I may be breaking trust with one of my friends. I do not know whether I can now allow any of my companions to read this journal in light of what I have discovered, but I feel I simply must write down what I have learned. If I do not record it then the knowledge which was gained may never again be seen by another living soul.

    Here is how it happened. Dark clouds had swept down from the Misty Mountains and were threatening rain, and so I spent most of the day puttering around Elrond's Library. It is just the sort of immense repository of lore you would expect it to be, and there I found no shortage of ancient tomes containing the most incredible stories. I assumed my companions were finding their own ways of entertaining themselves, so I made no effort to find them. That afternoon, however, Gaelira called the Company together to tell us we would be departing from Rivendell on the morrow and we had best equip ourselves to face the ice and snow of the mountains.

    Together we walked the... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-13 02:47:38

    A Welcome Pause -- Part 2

    Trewsday, 3rd of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    The Last Homely House, Rivendell

    That same evening I enjoyed another incredible supper at Elrond's table and decided to prod into a few more corners of this extraordinary house of his. I came across Drodie in the courtyard, but he was not one for conversation: all he did was complain about the lack of meat served during the feast. I wandered up a flight of stairs and discovered a door which seemed unattended. For whatever reason, curiosity got the better of me and I poked my head through.

    I was met with a gorgeous view. The door opened onto a balcony which overlooked a stunning landscape of gardens, orchards, cliffsides, waterfalls, and fountains. I stood there for a few moments admiring it all just as the Sun dipped behind the western edge of the valley. As the light softened, I began to look more closely at the balcony itself.That same evening I enjoyed another incredible supper at Elrond's table and decided to prod into a few more corners of this extraordinary house of his. I came across Drodie in the courtyard, but he was not one for conversation: all he did was complain about the lack of meat... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-12 07:24:00

    A Welcome Pause -- Part 1

    Trewsday, 3rd of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    The Last Homely House, Rivendell

    We spent a few days in Rivendell. We all needed the rest, for the miles between Men Erain and Imladris were long and wearisome, but I also think several of us had little desire to leave. I'll count myself first among that number: no matter what you might desire, be it food, song, tales, quiet, or good cheer, you could find it in abundance in that valley. The time spent just walking and humming or thinking was invigorating and refreshing in ways I can't begin to adequately describe.

    But I feel as if I'm doing you a disservice, Dear Reader, in gushing so about Rivendell when you yourself (so far as I know) have not been there. Allow me instead to inform you about a few other things of note which transpired during our stay.

    It was the afternoon on the day following our arrival. I had wandered up into the hills north of the Last Homely House in search of nothing in particular save a good walk. There is a pine-wood up that way, and the scent of sap was heavy in the air despite the time of year, for of course those are evergreens. I was ambling about, wistfully going... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-12 01:22:36

    To Rivendell

    Monday, 2nd of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    The Last Homely House, Rivendell

    It was quite dim when I opened my eyes this morning, but the soft glow of foredawn was in the sky. I rolled over and sat up, feeling very light in body and heart, while taking pleasure in the bright, crackling campfire we had made for ourselves the night before. The morning was chilly -- it would still be winter for another month and more -- but I hardly felt uncomfortable. The air was full of the twittering of birds and the buzzing of insects which I found calming and relaxing. I looked up and saw the gently swaying boughs of oak and maple trees, most bereft of their leaves, and decided that adventuring wasn't so bad after all. At least, not on days like today.

    As expected, Gaelira was off speaking with Barachen, the Elf who manned the encampment. It was odd to see a couple of Dwarves here as well (I suppose I hadn't noticed them last night on account of being so tired), but they kept to themselves and would only give hints about their business which they seemed to regard as some great secret. Dwarves can be like that, you know: very protective of their knowledge and purposes, but... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-09 10:24:59

    Into the Trollshaws

    Sunday, 1st of Solmath, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    Barachen's Camp, Somewhere in the Trollshaws

    There was something different about the air and the sky today. From the moment I awoke I could sense it, though I never was able to quite put words to whatever it was I had detected. For one thing, the low clouds which had covered the Lone-lands the day before had raced away to the south leaving us with high, clear fields of blue, but it was something more than that. It was as if the wind felt clean and fresh; it was chilly (which is not unusual given the time of year), but there was something about the air which cleared the mind and relaxed the body. Wholesome might be the right word.

    Whatever it was, I felt quite invigorated. I stretched myself out in the warmth of the noon-tide Sun then went rummaging through my pack to find a bite. Blueberry muffins in hand, I decided to explore Ost Guruth a little more than our business had thus far permitted. I found the Eglain occupied with all manner of tasks -- almost as though I were in the midst of a well-ordered city -- everything from tanning to farming, fletching to cooking.There was something different about the air... More

    by Padhric on 2017-08-02 07:31:19

    The Red-maid

    Sterday, 30th of Afteryule, Year 1418, Shire-reckoning

    Ost Guruth, Somewhere in the Lone-lands

    "Get away from me!" I heard a feral voice cry out. It was odd, for I thought I knew that voice, yet at the same time it I was aware I had never heard it before. Looking up, I saw an amazing thing.When I opened my eyes the only thing I noticed at first was that I had a splitting headache. Then, I realized I was lying face-up in water, staring at that low, blood-coloured sky. Next, I remembered that the water beneath me was mixed with actual blood, and I instinctively jolted myself upright. My head swam in response to the rapid movement, my knees buckled, and I fell on my hands and knees into the gruesome pool. Apparently I had been knocked senseless when the Red-maid's wave of water and blood had hurled me into the stone wall. The thought flashed through my mind that I was lucky to be alive, for if I had fallen face-down into the water I would probably have drowned.

    There on the far side of the chamber was Nephyn, her sword drawn, with Gaelira, Lagodir, and Drodie around her. They appeared to be trying to get close to her, but seemed afraid to do so. Then, I saw that... More

    by Padhric on 2017-07-27 12:49:48

    The Blood-swamp

    Sterday, 30th of Afteryule, Year 1418, Shire-reckoning

    Ost Guruth, the Lone-lands

    I roused myself and started pulling my gear together, for I suspected we would start our search for the elusive Red-maid as soon as we were all prepared. The Eglain who populated this ruin they called Ost Guruth were hushed and went about their business with bowed backs while casting fearful glances at us. Since he was the only one of the Company who had previously been among them, I asked Lagodir what he thought was the matter.It felt like it was going to be a strange day from the moment I woke up this morning: the sky was nothing more than a cloudy pall, as though a white sheet had been drawn across the heavens. As I lay on my back studying it, I thought how this sort of weather was fairly common during the winter, but something about it still seemed threatening or oppressive.

    "I am not certain," the Gondorian answered in a low voice, "But if I were to guess I should think they fear that we shall stir the wrath of this Red-maid against them. Whatever manner of creature she may be, the Eglain clearly fear her."

    We kept to ourselves as we left the outpost shortly thereafter by way... More

    by Padhric on 2017-07-26 10:56:23

    The Lonely Road

    Monday, 25th of Afteryule, Year 1418 Shire-reckoning

    Torogethir's camp, Somewhere in Evendim

    I was up at dawn this morning and feeling mightily refreshed. The calming waters of Lake Evendim continued their endless swishing at the shores of the small island on which my friends and I had spent the night. Our hosts, a contingent of Rangers from Tinnudir, were already about their business; I saw several steal away southward at one point, most likely to scout Annuminas and bring back any reports of the Enemy's movements there. Through talking with Gaelira and Maladan -- the Rangers' leader here -- I gathered our Company would wait until word was brought back from those scouts before we attempted our next move.

    To pass the time, I wandered off a little ways and made a makeshift fishing pole out of a willow-branch, some twine, and a spare hook I carry with me. Then I watched a magnificent sunrise over the lake while I nabbed a few perch and some golden mullet. After a time, I had enough to serve everyone a portion, so I seared it all over the campfire then dressed it up a bit with some rubbed sage and a pinch of salt. Together with some of our usual rations of... More

    by Padhric on 2017-07-23 07:31:29

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