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    The Adventures of Elladan's Outriders

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    A Lonely Height

    Sunday, 21st of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Nar's Peak, Somewhere in the Enedwaith

    View of Thror's Coomb from the slopes part-way up Nar's Peak

    "Where is he?!"

    I literally jumped up from my deep sleep to a standing position, I was so frightened! I blinked furiously, blinded in the broad light of day, while my head swam with drowsiness. Who had uttered that cry?

    Slowly, my fatigued brains began piecing things together: it was Nephyn, awake at last. She had risen from where she lay inside our poor excuse for a shelter beneath two leaning stones, dashed outside amid the trees, and was now searching frantically for something. Gaelira, Minasse, and Drodie had all gone after her as well, so I was left alone for the moment. The roar of the nearby falls suddenly came to my ears, which brought back all the awful memories of last night -- the sudden attack by Izarrair and his mercenaries, Nephyn's near-fatal wounding, the battle by the gorge, and my own salvation from the brink of drowning in the river. Poor Nephyn suffered a nasty blow to her shoulder from Izarrair's spear and we had all tended her during the night, but apparently she was still very much alive. She... More

    by Padhric on 2018-09-24 12:40:09

    The Storm Passes

    Sterday, 20th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Somewhere in the Enedwaith

    Nar's Peak
    It was dark. My chest was seared with pain. I coughed and wretched. Every fiber of my being shook with freezing cold. I could hear nothing and see nothing -- the only sense available to me was pain, and it seemed to well up from my frozen heart and spread to every extremity. I felt myself being lifted, but I knew nothing of what was happening to me. 
    Blackness took me once more.
    When I opened my eyes again I shut them straightaway. The brightness hurt. I slowly became aware that I was no longer violently shivering and in fact a gentle warmth was stealing over me. I moved slightly and felt the rough scratch of wool against my skin. 
    A blanket.
    And the brightness I saw, that must have been fire.
    With an effort, I forced my eyes to open again. I made sure to look away from the source of the light and, ever so slowly, my eyes began to adjust. Through the blur, I gradually recognized my surroundings: I was lying down in the little cave we had discovered what must have been days ago. It was night, and the light of the campfire was flickering off the stone. Then I... More

    by Padhric on 2018-09-14 10:22:53

    A Storm Descends

    Highday, 19th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Somewhere in the Enedwaith

    The Falls of Thror's Coomb

    The thunder continued all night and into the morning, but the rain never came. Instead, a low and oppressive cloud-cover descended on us, such that the light was dimmed considerably. Lightnings flickered constantly off to the south-east, and I was always looking over my shoulder to see if the storm was advancing on us. But the winds had died down, which was something of a relief because the constant howling made me edgy, but it also meant we were left with a dark grey fume overhead that looked like it would be going nowhere anytime soon.

    Once morning had dawned (if you could call it that, things being as dingy and overcast as they were), we breakfasted and discussed our plans for the day. It felt very different without Lagodir present and I sensed the others were missing Ancthas as well (I myself had been alongside him only twice, both times all too briefly). The mood among our Company was as gloomy as the weather.

    "Gaelira," I said in-between bites of waybread, "Yesterday I overheard you and Inar mention we might be seeking something up in those mountains... More

    by Padhric on 2018-09-09 06:03:38

    Parting Ways

    Mersday, 18th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Thror's Coomb, Somewhere in the Enedwaith

    The mountains of Thror's Coomb

    It's been nearly a week since my pen has scratched the papers of this journal, and I admit I've missed it terribly. However, upon review of the past several entries, I see Neph has done an excellent job in illustrating what transpired during the time I was unable to perform my scrivenly duties, so I will simply let it stand as-is. Besides, she basically got everything correct concerning what happened to me and there's no value added in me going into all the details about how frightened I was, the stench of the Dunbog, the horror of the Mines, or any of that. Doing so would only add many more unnecessary pages to this account which is already quite long enough.

    The only other thing I think I should point out is: Enro Smuin was actually quite civil to me when I was in his care, although I'm not sure if that was because he's really a good Man at heart or because he considered it part of his job to ensure I was not treated badly during my transport. Either way, I actually feel sort of bad for the poor fellow -- sometimes our lot in life is one of... More

    by Padhric on 2018-09-02 07:11:06

    A Momentous Day

    Hevensday, 17th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Harndirion, Somewhere in the Enedwaith

    Captain Inar

    We scanned the sprawling encampment before us. No one seemed to have spotted our presence, but we couldn't possibly hope to infiltrate the place unnoticed. What if Padryc were somewhere within? It certainly appeared likely enough. I withdrew back behind the large piece of stone masonry which served as our cover.

    "Now what?" I asked the others. "Should we try to scout from a distance? I don't suppose we ought to just saunter up and see what happens."

    "We don't even know if Padryc is still here," said Lagodir. "What if his captors have already moved on? We could be wasting time."

    "I think our little dilemma is about to resolve itself," said Minasse, who had remained peering around the edge of the stones. "Look."

    We looked. A hulking Man with no helm and a heavy beard was walking calmly toward us, as though he knew we were there. He had a notched sword at his belt and a battered shield at his back, but he made no hostile movements toward his weapons at all. His armour was a very strange combination of styles: some plate, some chain, and some leather, as if it had... More

    by Padhric on 2018-08-24 11:00:02

    The Hunt Continues

    Sterday, 13th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Somewhere in Dunland

    The moors of Dunland

    I think my feet were hurting me more by the end of our brief rest than when we started it. Once we resumed trudging down the dusty roads of Dunland, the pain melted away as my limbs fell back into their rhythmic thumping, like the pistons of some droning machine. Morning was fully in the sky, but the minds of our Company were yearning for sleep.

    Well, mine was, at least. The Elves, of course, remained as tireless and swift as ever while Drodie said nary a word of complaint as is the way with Dwarves. I could tell Lagodir was weary, but he kept doggedly on and even the shoulders of Ancthas were sagging now nearly two full days into the chase. We had followed our missing hobbit almost clear across the entire breadth of Dunland to the Barnavon Mine, but there his captors had turned aside and made for the village of Barnavon itself. Our feet were set upon that same path, but it was a long road. The Sun rose past noon then began to fall westward, and still there seemed to be no change in the country. The hard ground jarred my ankles and knees relentlessly; two days of... More

    by Padhric on 2018-08-17 11:17:04

    A Desperate Chase

    Highday, 12th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Somewhere in Dunland

    The Great Oak of the Pristine Glade

    I do not have much time. I will write here what I can manage before our Company moves again this morning, but I think it important that I continue Padryc's job of chronicling our adventures. My hope is he will do so again and soon, but right now it's hard to see how that will come about.

    Let me start over. This is the hand of Nephyn, Dear Reader (as I see Padryc was fond of calling whomever might eventually read this journal of his), and I suppose I must explain how it is I have come to be relating our tale for the second time. Unfortunately, I don't have our hobbit's flair for verbosity nor a great amount of time in which to get this done, so I will be brief but thorough.

    Yesterday evening, Padryc and I had gone for a stroll around the Pristine Glade. Drodie and Lagodir were practicing their sword-play while Minasse and Gaelira were in conference with Edgerin. The two of us took great pleasure in seeing the Glade from many angles since it is a very lovely place. It was an invigorating walk, but he and I have been good friends almost right from the start... More

    by Padhric on 2018-08-07 09:56:57


    Mersday, 11th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    The Pristine Glade, Somewhere in Dunland


    The night passed peacefully enough, which was a mercy considering we were still fairly close to the horrors of Lhan Colvarn. I'm still convinced I barely slept a wink all night, but according to everyone else I was out cold within moments of lying down. Be that as it may, I did not feel rested in the slightest this morning, and the entire Company seemed on edge which only served to make me antsy. All of us were eager to get moving, I think, ever since Ancthas told us yesterday that Edgerin was now very near indeed.

    I took a brief moment to reflect as we packed up our meager camp and prepared to move out. This whole affair had started weeks and weeks ago at Elrond's urging after it became known that the Man called Captain Inar had deposed Mallacai as leader of the Seekers of the Seven Stars. That same Inar had, reportedly, blamed us for Amarthiel's rise to power in Angmar and had been hunting us ever since. Most of us suspected, I think, that he was the one really behind the bounty posters we had seen scattered throughout Dunland. We wished to do something about it, but... More

    by Padhric on 2018-08-02 09:18:35

    Into the Dunbog

    Trewsday, 9th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Lhan Rhos, Somewhere in the Dunbog

    One of the Abominations of Lhan Colvarn

    It was Ancthas who roused us this morning, except, of course, the two Elves who had apparently been off scouting ahead and keeping an eye on the lands round about. There was nothing significant to report from the night hours, although Gaelira thought she had seen a shadowy figure like to a dark horseman off in the distance at one point. We were all thinking of Izarrair, but no one felt inclined to talk about him.

    The day was bound to be unpleasant enough without contemplating all the various spooks and ruffians who had been dogging us throughout the length Dunland, for today would bring us into the Dunbog -- the fetid swamp which lay in the extreme south-western corner of that region. According to Ancthas, our chance Dunlending companion and current guide, Edgerin could be found somewhere within it, so we had no choice but to enter. Moreover, in return for saving us from Bedwur's ambush in Avardin yesterday, we had pledged our aid in support of him and his people who were fighting some scourge he called "the abominations." These... More

    by Padhric on 2018-07-31 12:22:34

    Unlikely Encounters

    Monday, 8th of Wedmath, Year 1417 Shire-reckoning
    Somewhere in the Starkmoor, Dunland

    The Dunbog

    So much has happened today that I despair of having enough time to write it all down -- if I had a week to spend on nothing but scribbling then perhaps I could do this day justice. As it is, I shall have to truncate much of what transpired for the sake of brevity while still conveying all of the strange things which made up this strange Monday.

    The light of dawn was only just beginning to creep across the heavens when Minasse roused us. Gaelira had gone on ahead, he said, to scout the road and see if she could find any sign that Enro Smuin had gone that way, so we were meant to march out and meet her on the road. Breakfast consisted of munching biscuits and dried strips of bacon while on the move, much to my dismay. We had been covering so much ground in pursuit of various persons lately that I was beginning to wonder when might be the next time I would get to enjoy a hot meal.

    The day was quite hot, as one would expect here in the midst of the summer months, but the mornings where actually pleasant enough, especially since we still had the cover of the trees. The... More

    by Padhric on 2018-07-24 01:26:57

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