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    Primary Trait Tree: Yellow
    Secondary Trait Tree: Blue

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    Character Bio:

    Padryc is a Hobbit of Harfoot descent, making him quite indistinguishable from most Hobbits of the Shire or anywhere else. He has brown, curly hair, an ample belly, and broad, sturdy feet. Yet there are a few peculiar details about him which might be spied by those who go in for hobbit-lore. His skin tone is a bit darker than most, which would probably indicate an extended time travelling out-of-doors, where most Hobbits are not known as travellers. His clothing is much more weather-stained than is frequently seen among the Little Folk, and he wears it with a certain measure of pride, which is also unusual. He is also uncommonly well-skilled with ponies for a Hobbit, as many do not use them for riding but rather for farming, being not much more at ease atop such beasts than a Gamgee in a boat. Of particular note for those who know much of Hobbits and their ways, Padryc carries a shield and an iron-capped hammer among his gear, both of which are highly unusual: most Hobbits (even Bounders) prefer wooden clubs, spears, or hunting bows to anything clad in metal, which is often too heavy for them to handle. And the art of shield-work is all but unknown among the Little People, most of whom wouldn't know what to do with a shield even if they were able to identify one among the mathoms cluttering up their hobbit-holes. Finally, for the truly observant, the light of Padryc's eyes is a curious mixture of joy and sorrow -- perhaps denoting a level of maturity highly irregular among others of his kind.
    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em